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Saint Innovations is an Australian Company focused on developing and supporting others, to develop mobile applications and other IT related projects.With Saint Innovations, you will be able to develop your idea faster and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

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From Start to Finish

With Saint Innovations you will be able to see your idea grow and develop. You will be intimately involved throughout the development of your idea, but without having to deal with the contractor/developer problems. If you have an idea, Saint Innovations have the personnel savvy enough to make it a reality. Saint Innovations have been through the process of obtaining developers and designers, and we will deal with all of them for you.


Whatever your idea is, Saint Innovations can help make it a reality. Saint Innovations will make the ‘hard’ easy for you. We can assist in idea development and will work with you making your idea even better. Saint Innovations develops and plans for the future, which means you work with a proactive company not a reactive one.

A Care For Standards

Every “APP” Saint Innovations creates is of the highest standards. While Saint Innovations takes no public credit for your “APP” (unless agreed to), we develop it as if it’s our own “APP”.Saint Innovations encourages user feedback and future development ideas for all its applications.


Take advantage of the ever expending Game and Social Fun applications. These are some of the most popular and can be the most lucrative, so make sure you’re getting your share.Don’t limit yourself just to mobiles or tablets. With the constant advancement with operating systems, Saint Innovations can create any idea.


Our Work

Saint Innovations have been through the development process and have established working relationships with developers and contractors. We can take care of all your needs from company establishment to promoting and selling your application.

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Saint Innovations
Bringing Apps to Life!

The key to any good App, is the idea and best ideas come from everyday life and experiences. Don’t discard your idea, but develop it with Saint Innovations.

We can assist in growing your idea, developing your idea and selling your idea in a high quality App, custom built for any operating system required.

We will keep you intimately involved in the process, and the design will reflect what YOU want not what we want. Saint Innovations have developed its own Apps, and maintain all the ongoing App Stores costs for its own Apps. So Piggy Back off our expenses, reduce yours and forget the ongoing cost of the App Stores. Saint Innovations provides full transparency in all its practices, and can provide you with exact Google or Apple reports for your own records.

Just developing your idea and placing it on the App Stores is only the beginning. Saint Innovations can help with marketing, and low cost strategies to maximise your returns.

No matter what your background is, you will be able to feel the excitement of seeing your idea become a reality for less than you expected.

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Saint Innovations wants to hear from you and your thoughts on our products. We strive to improve its existing applications and encourage you to send us your feedback, improvements and ideas.

Alternative, take the first step and contact us with your APP idea and see your idea grow into reality. All ideas sent to us will be handled in the strictest confidence. Send us your ideas, so you can benefit from the mobile app industry like so many others.